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  • The Carpenter Family - BJAMS"The very first day we went to visit BJAMS we had a great meeting with Mrs. Wilson, had a tour of the building, met Mrs. Nordensen and left Lily there to spend the rest of the afternoon in the classroom.  When we came back to pick Lily up, the first words out of her mouth were, “I want to go to school here!”  We asked her what she liked about the school to which she replied, “Everyone here is so nice!”   It was decided right then and there that BJAMS was the school for us.  She wakes up each morning excited to get to school and comes home each day excited about her accomplishments and social interactions.  As a parent you simply can’t ask for much more than that."   - Carpenter Family - Hyde Park

  • The Blanck Family - BJAMS"Bishop Marshall has been a wonderful choice for our daughters. We have seen a transformation in study habits and BJAMS has created an excitement of learning within our children. They are able to get the individual attention and extra help when they need it and the staff truly cares about every single learner. We love that our girls are learning French at such a young age and the art program is certainly a favorite. What is most satisfying about a BJAMS education is how there is such a focus on being good human beings and citizens to our community."  - Blanck Family - Waterbury

  • The Marvin Family - BJAMS"Why did we choose BJAMS for our girls?  So many reasons come to mind:  the small class size, high academic standards, the ease of uniforms, a focus on the arts, real gym classes, and great families.  But, the big reason is less tangible, but frequently verified.  School is much more than numbers and letters.  Elementary school, especially, is a special time of emotional, social and ethical development, and we find our family values supported at Bishop Marshall.  Grace's lessons at school focus on love, peace, and respecting self and others.  Call it what you will - the Catholic ingredient perhaps.  For our family, it is basic and human:  be kind, be gracious, be generous and enjoy life."  - Marvin Family - Hyde Park

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