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8th grade receives track jackets


Application for Admission

  • BISHOP MARSHALL SCHOOL - Application for Prekindergarten to Grade 8

    Please complete all possible fields in the application below. If a field is not marked as required but is applicable to your family, we ask that you provide the requested information. If you are applying for more than one student, fill out the application once for each student. For students applying for Pre-K and Kindergarten, a copy of immunization records and birth certificate must be faxed to the school at 802-888-3137 in addition to the application. Your doctor's office may fax immunization records directly to us.
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  • Bishop Marshall School is a private, Catholic School, educating students from Prekindergarten to Grade 8, governed by a Board of Trustees composed of Catholics and non-Catholics, and open to students and families of all faiths. The School's relationship with the Roman Catholic Church is overseen by the Bishop of Burlington in all matters of faith and religious education.
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