Be Present this Christmas

blog post by Mrs. Semprebon

Imagine if you could pause all the busy activities in your life and come to a standstill and the only sound you hear is the inhale of your own breath.

How would that feel?

With all the excitement of this Christmas season try to make time for silence and stillness to recharge your soul. Sit down on the floor with your children and be present. You have to start somewhere and the earlier your children see you slowing down to be present the better. Our lives get so busy with driving here and driving there, grocery shopping, helping with homework, cleaning, cooking, laundry, paying the bills, making doctor appointments…the list goes on and on.

When we set aside time for silence we become more aware. We start being and stop doing. Stillness gives way to peace. If you would like to experience a more joyful and peaceful Christmas this year share the gift of silence and stillness with your family…easier said than done, but we can at least try. Within this stillness we may hear God speaking to us in ways we never thought possible. We have all been blessed with kind hearts and minds, but it is up to us to take time to put them into practice.