Christmas in a Box: the Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Christmas


This is a very special idea that Mrs. Flaherty, our pre-kindergarten teacher, shared with me.  I thought it was so special that I’d share it with all of you.  

“Christmas in a Box: the Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Christmas.” 

Christmas is a special and exciting time and we often decorate our homes with items that are symbols of the story of Jesus’ birth.  Pre-K assembled these tiny boxes with items that help them remember the story of the Nativity and our Christmas traditions.

Here is what each item represents:

  • The black box and the star on it represent the night sky and the star that brightened it on the night that Jesus was born. This star led the three kings to Bethlehem where they found the baby with Mary and Joseph in the stable. When we decorate our trees and houses for Christmas, we often use stars to help us remember this one special star.
  • On the night that Jesus was born, the shepherds were amazed to see and hear angels singing in the sky. Music is a very important part of Christmas, in church, at school, and at home. The tiny bell in the box reminds us of that joyful music.
  • When Jesus was born in the stable, his parents prepared a bed for him in a manger (a food trough used for the animals) filled with straw, which was soft and warm for the baby. The tiny bit of straw in the box is a reminder of that manger bed.
  • When the three kings heard about the baby Jesus, they took special gifts to Him. At Christmas, we give gifts to the people we love. We put a tiny gift bow in the box to remind us that giving is an important part of Christmas.
  • We all love our beautiful Christmas trees! Evergreen trees growing in the forest or in our yards never change color, just as God’s love for us never changes. There is a tiny evergreen sprig in the box to remind us of God’s unchanging love.
  • We make our Christmas trees and our homes even more beautiful by adding lights to them. These beautiful lights remind us of the light and love of Jesus. We put a tiny light in the box to remind us of Jesus’ light.
  • At Christmas we eat delicious foods and get together with people we love. When we bake cookies and pies, the whole house smells so good! The piece of cinnamon in your child’s box is a reminder of these wonderful foods and the joy of sharing them with people we love. Cinnamon is scent that can make us think of Christmas even after it has passed.

Perhaps you can assembly your own box and pass on the true meaning of Christmas to someone this year!