Kindergarten Roots

Kindergarten Roots

Blog by Mrs. Kate Curran

The roots of a plant are critical to its survival.  Without the roots, the plant cannot what it needs to grow.  Even a big, strong, and healthy plant that gets cut off from its roots, will wither and die.  A plant that has weak roots will not grow. Roots are essential to the strength and the life of a plant.

I have found that here at Bishop Marshall our students are given their roots in Kindergarten.  My impression of Kindergarten was very basic-letters, numbers, stories, playtime, dress up and naptime…glorious naptime.  That is what Kindergarten looks like.  That is not what Kindergarten is.  Kindergarten is happy without kids even knowing why.  Kindergarten is busy without kids even feeling rushed.  Kindergarten is full without kids even feeling overwhelmed.  Kindergarten is hard without kids even knowing it is challenging.  Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Piper, makes it all of these things and more.

Mrs. Piper gives our students the roots that they need to succeed.  I was totally naive of what goes into teaching Kindergarten.  The number of times that she must go over the same letters, the same numbers, days of the week, colors of the rainbow, and the same words-it’s mind boggling. It takes someone great to do this with 16 children day in and day out with great control.

Mrs. Piper takes each child and helps them to grow and learn with solid comprehension. The roots that Mrs. Piper gives to each of her students are strong.  They help each child to persevere rather than wither.  They help each child to grow rather than fall.  They help each child to move forward rather than stay where they are.  Mrs. Piper is the push that they get. Each child is solid with the roots that she gives them.

Kindergarten is the roots of a child’s instructional education.  What is learned in Kindergarten is critical to the child’s success going forward.  Because of this, it takes a gifted teacher to assure this for children.  Mrs. Piper is patient, sincere, loving, dedicated, and hardworking.

She has the patience that is needed to go over numbers, letters and words over and over again. She has the sincerity that is needed to work with a child who continues to struggle until he or she understands. She has the love that is needed to hug and listen to a child who is sad or hurt. She has the dedication that is needed to come in every weekend to prepare for her students. She does the incredible hard work that is needed to teach each child the fundamentals of math and reading.

My daughter is in Mrs. Piper’s class this year.  She is reading now. She counts to 100 without a bump.  She is learning to add and tell time.  Mrs. Piper has taught her to read.  Because of  Mrs. Piper’s patience, sincerity, love, dedication, and hardwork, she has taught my daughter to read. My daughter now has the strong roots that she needs to succeed in 1st grade, because Mrs. Piper gave them to her.

Thank you, Mrs. Piper.