A long overdue thank you…

Blog post by Mrs. Erica Silveira

During a discussion about the recent struggles in Texas and Florida, the first graders decided we needed to send prayers, cards, and money. So we will! However, an interesting conversation followed regarding God’s power and prayers. So I told them a story I heard from a priest:

A man was in his house that was beginning to flood. People came to the door telling him to come with them to escape the rising waters. He said, “No, I am fine, God will take care of me.” And he remained. The waters rose and he went up to his 2nd floor and kept praying. Soon people came by in a boat telling him to come with them. He said, “No, God will take care of me.” And he stayed. Eventually he had to go up to his roof because the water got so high. A helicopter came by. But he responded the same way. (Meanwhile the 1st graders are expecting the most amazing miracle for this man.)Unfortunately, the man did not make it and went up to heaven. When he got there he asked God why He didn’t take care of him. God replied, “I sent people to your door, and then a boat, and then a helicopter!” First graders slowly became wide eyed. “God sent the people to help the man!” “It’s like he’s up there with a remote control moving us all around!” Well, we are not exactly robots, but God works through us.

Eight months ago my oldest son began having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. He was an 8th grader at Bishop Marshall. Although I continue to pray that the seizures will just go away, he is not seizure free yet. But, I know God is hearing my prayers and the prayers of so many people who are praying for Ty. Not only has Ty been kept safe through all the seizures, God has surrounded us with people who have been amazing. I have tried to say thank you along the way to people who have helped him. But it will never be enough. I will forever be grateful that Ty was surrounded by teachers, staff, friends, and parents of friends who watched out for him while still making him feel normal. Epilepsy is a tricky and unexpected thing. It causes anxiety, stress, and concern in those who are around it and witness it. I feel bad that so many people at BJAMS had to experience these feelings, but I could not have asked for a better group of people for Ty to be surrounded by.

So to all of Ty’s teachers, classmates and their parents, I thank God every day that He has sent you to help Ty through such a challenging time.