Music is Alive at BJAMS!

Blog post by Mrs. Holly Boucher

As I start on my third year teaching instrumental music at BJAMS I mentally went over the last 2 years and realize how much the program has grown.  It was hard for me to believe that when I started I only had three students, and now I have 23 band members!  On top of that I have implemented instrumental music for all grades at Bishop Marshall.  Now all students are able to take some form of instrumental music.  

Working alongside with Brooke Wright we have been able to teach the students of BJAMS to open themselves to the world of music.  Through singing, playing, and  creating our students have put on some amazing performances over the last 2 years and that in itself shows the potential our music program will have moving forward.  

I go back to my beginning 32 years ago when my mother allowed me to take up the flute at our elementary school in Waterbury.  It was like someone had given me the moon and told me to soar.  This is what I want for my students; to be able to have the opportunity to try something new and soar.  When I work with the students and see the looks on their faces when they play their instruments for the first time, you can see in their eyes that a whole new world has been opened up to them.  

Last year when I opened up instrumental music to all students, I never dreamed that it would take off like it did.    Our fundraising efforts allowed us to purchase new equipment that we have not been able to have until now, everything from bells, to boomwhackers, a brand new xylophone that was donated to the program and drums to assist with choral music. Not to mention a projector screen and projector so we can save on paper and show the students musical talents from around the globe!  All of these things add to the music program and assists our students in growing musically.  

 We have the first month of Band ‘in the books’ I look at the program and just have to say wow!  We are growing and I couldn’t be happier.  Feedback from my parents is wonderful too!  “She was so happy about her lesson!” another parent said: “I told my daughter that you sent an email saying band was next week and she proceeded to tell me to ‘look again Mom!’ “  (That one had me laughing hysterically!)  I had several students say “I’ve been waiting all week for this!” to “I have butterflies I’m so excited!”  My heart was truly full this week and it also filled my bucket with joy!  

The passion these kids have for music gives me more ambition to do all that I can to make their musical experience here at Bishop Marshall the very best I can.  I have a lot of support that I am so grateful for and truly look forward to a wonderful year!