New Beginnings

It’s Friday. School starts on Monday. I came into my classroom to work while my son had soccer practice. I decided to wander through the halls visiting all the classrooms. As I was walking I was thinking about how all my life I have had school and a summer break. Even when I had summer jobs, it was still a change of pace. There’s nothing like the excitement when school is ending for the summer and when school is beginning a new year. I can’t imagine having a job that continues the same all year long. Do those kinds of jobs ever get to enter a day when everything is so shiny, colorful and clean?

All of the rooms look amazing! Teachers have messages greeting their new students. Tables and desks have name tags spread out. Ms. Greene has another new arrangement. Mrs. Semprebon’s room smells lovely. Mr. Close has switched to tables. Mrs. Shinners has switched to desks. Madame Wicks has rounded out the rows. They all look so clean and inviting.

But I have to say…the rooms feel so much better when the kids get in there. Yes, some rooms might get too hot. Some rooms might get stinky. Some rooms might get loud or messy. But nothing beats the sounds, smell, and feel of kids enjoying school in their classrooms. And I realize, not only am I lucky to have a job with such an exciting beginning and end each year, I get to have a job spent with the joys of children all day.

I ended my wanderings in the chapel. There I thanked God for giving me this opportunity. And I thanked God for this school and its staff and all of my students and their families.