Pre-Kindergarten Learns About Eucharistic Adoration

Pre-Kindergarten Learns About Eucharistic Adoration

Blog post by: Mrs. Wilson

Late yesterday, Mrs. Flaherty approached me to ask where she might find the school’s monstrance. She piqued my curiosity and she explained that Pre-K would be learning about Eucharistic Adoration and the monstrance in class the following day.  I brought the empty monstrance down to Pre-K to show them and they volunteered to help me with morning assembly on Friday, during which time we would explain to our school the beauty and mystery of the monstrance and its role in Eucharistic Adoration. They did not disappoint!

Our Pre- K students brought their projects and knowledge to assembly today and we were all blown away by their understanding and reverence. When asked, “What is a monstrance?” the students quickly and excitedly answered, “It’s where Jesus is placed to be adored!”  and “It’s a beautiful place for Jesus to be, and it’s beautiful because he deserves the most beautiful place for us to love him.” When I asked if there were other facts they wanted to share, Joni proclaimed, “You can never leave him alone when he’s in the monstrance.”  Kilian reminded us, “St. Michael watches over Jesus and protects him, but we have to protect him, too.”  Amazing.

As we continued with assembly, talking about the different parts of the monstrance and the procedural details of Eucharistic Adoration, my mind kept turning back to these four-year-olds and their grasp of such an abstract practice. Their knowledge of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist completely blew me away.  Their faith, so pure and unwavering, was such a wonderful reminder that while reading St. Thomas Aquinas or the Catechism of the Catholic Church is important to grow our faith, the child-like faith of children is how Jesus calls us to live.  Come, let us adore Him!

Perhaps the coolest thing about school is that we are always learning – adults, too.