Summer Greetings!

Summer Greetings!

Blog post by Mrs. Wilson

I hope this note finds all of you enjoying the summer sunshine and the minimal rain!  We are just past the midpoint of the summer and I thought this would be a good time to check in with each of you and provide you with a few updates.

While the building is nearly empty, there has been lots going on!  Mr. Earle has been plugging away at his summer maintenance list and the floors are sparkling!  He has freshened up the paint throughout the entire building and has even given the walls in the multi-purpose room a makeover!  He’s been having a little fun on the playground (no, not on the swings and teeter-totters) keeping those pesky groundhogs from burrowing under our structures.  These little critters are no match for Mr. Earle.

Mrs. Kohl and Mrs. Nordenson have been busy implementing our new online application and enrollment program.  They really love it and all of its little quirks. They both get pretty excited when they uncover a new report to generate or when an issue pops up, like when school siblings don’t sync into one family like they should. Mrs. Kohl and Mrs. Nordenson can get pretty animated, but I think they have really grown close to the reps at RenWeb.  In fact, I bet most of their “troubleshooting calls” are really just social calls. I’m not sure, though.

Well, we knew the day would come, and it finally did.  Mrs. Rooney officially retired last week. She was supposed to finish up her seven year jaunt in the business office at the end of June, but she stayed on an entire extra month to get our new business office assistant up and running.  We are really going to miss Mrs. Rooney and her can-do attitude. We were blessed to have her on our team.

Mrs. Laurie Marcoux is picking up right where Mrs. Rooney left off.  She is the new friendly face in our business office, right across the hall from our kindergarten classroom.  She is there to assist you with all financial matters at BJAMS and will happily answer all of your FACTS questions, remind you of when you have an outstanding balance, and pay all of the school’s bills, because things like electricity and payroll are important to our school.  Please join me in welcoming her! She can be reached via email at or by phone 888-4758 ext. 233.

Speaking of new faces, we have hired a new upper school math and technology teacher, though Mr. Theodore Casparian is not a new face to BJAMS.  Mr. Casparian worked with us through the second semester as our math lab coordinator. This year, he takes the reigns of Courses I through Algebra I and upper school technology.  As a licensed middle school math teacher, Mr. Casparian is looking forward to working with our upper school students, uncovering all the joys math and technology have to offer. During the interview process last spring, Mrs. Rapoport and I observed Mr. Casparian teach our Algebra I students the beauty of factoring trinomials.  I was so excited about the lesson, I went home and taught my black lab, Wynn, the procedure. She was so taken with the process, she has decided to change majors and will no longer pursue a degree in stealing socks out of clothes baskets.

The soccer fields have been occupied intermittently this summer with the players of Vermont United Soccer Academy, run by our very own Athletic Director, Mr. Buczek.  I love looking out and seeing the fields in use, and seeing a few familiar faces! It won’t be long before our BJAMS Eagles are out there, dominating the opposing teams in our fall season.  I can’t wait! (Note the brand on the soccer ball image. It’s no accident. And sadly, no relation.)

I have seen a few teachers here and there, but for the most part, they have been taking a well-deserved break.  We will be right back at it in no time – in fact, I am sending out my annual in-service email tomorrow. They love getting that email.  They may pretend that they’re sad summer is coming to a close, or that signing up for various tasks like blog writing, spelling bee coordination, and washing Mass linens is tedious, but the reality is they secretly can’t wait to do it.  The sign-up sheet I sent out via Google docs lights up like a Christmas tree as teachers and staff fight over how to lend me a hand. It’s endearing.

As for me, well, I have been checking things off my summer to-do list pretty steadily.  With reduced work hours in the summer, I have been able to spend a bit more time with my family, which has been great.  Have you ever taught your child to drive? I have easily shaved twelve years off my life doing just that this summer with Liam, my sixteen-year-old.  Lord have mercy. My husband I have committed to walking Wynn (the math major) a bit more, which we do early in the morning. As for Molly, well, she has decided my spare time is best spent transporting her to and from her gymnastics trainings and frequent trips to Michael’s, a craft store that can easily monopolize the better part of your day, as you continuously take wrong turns, unable to find the exit.  

I am very excited for our twenty-first year of educating students of the Lamoille Valley region.  I can’t wait to hear all the summer stories and to reconnect with each of you. I would like to thank all of you for your prompt response to completing the re-enrollment paperwork online (woo hoo!) so that we can hit the ground running.  The first day is just over a month away – let the countdown begin!