Summer News from BJAMS!

Summer News from BJAMS!

A blog by: Mrs. Wilson

It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting down to share mid-summer happenings, and yet, it was a year ago.  Holy smokes! Time flies when you’re middle aged. I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer; I can’t believe the incredible weather!  The days have been sunny and warm, forcing me out the door nice and early to tackle my morning run and my walk with my sweet lab, Wynn. I hope you’re all getting some rest and relaxation in; before you know it, school will be back in session!

So what has been going on at BJAMS for the past six weeks?  Well, for starters, the building has not been nearly as quiet as it usually is in the summer weeks. The expansion work on our pre-kindergarten and after school program is moving along nicely.  Every day that I drive in, I see new and exciting activity. H.A. Manosh, N.A. Manosh, S.D. Ireland, Brosseau Fuel, R and R Sprinkler, Grenier Engineering, County Plumbing, Fred’s Energy, Country Home Center, and Vermont Testing and Consulting are a few of the vendors working hard to make our dream of adding on to our school a reality.  Mr. Howard Manosh, our incredibly generous benefactor for this project, has stopped by a number of times to check in on the progress all the contractors are making and he is pleased with the pace of our project. Laurie Flaherty and Stephanie Nichols have been working hard, too, ordering furniture and supplies so that our new space is warm and welcoming for our youngest learners.  Mrs. Nichols has so many great ideas, and while it is still summer, she is already dreaming of the projects and activities that will create enriching learning experiences in our new space.

While we may have officially said goodbye to Mrs. Kohl, she has graciously agreed to stay on for a bit to train our new administrative assistant, Mrs. Kristie Morrison.  If you have stopped by the school to pick up a left-behind-sweatshirt or to pay your tuition, you have likely met Mrs. Morrison! Mrs. Morrison hails from Hyde Park and already has a handle on all the fun stuff like parental password resets for Ren Web and school supply requisitions.  I don’t want to shower her with all the fun right away – I think I’ll save the state immunization report for September. That way, she has something to look forward to.  🙂 

Mrs. Kohl has been awfully busy this summer, in addition to training Mrs. Morrison.  Mrs. Kohl welcomed a new grandson (this little guy – who wasn’t so little – makes grandchild #6!)  and is currently enjoying the scenery in Nairobi! She sent me a picture last week where she is nuzzling a giraffe!  She and her husband, Don, look like they’re having a blast.

What has Mr. Earle been up to?  He’s been waxing and refinishing floors at a record pace.  He’s zipping in and out of rooms and he has been working collaboratively with a few subcontractors to tackle some of the heating and roofing challenges we had over the winter.  The snow will be flying before we know it and we want to be ahead of those challenges, if possible.

Mrs. Marcoux has been plugging away at the school nutrition reports, Bright Futures subsidies, and working with families to get all the accounts current.  She just welcomed a grandson, too! Babies, babies everywhere!

Speaking of babies, did you hear the good news? Madame and Mr. Wicks welcomed a sweet baby girl shortly after school got out!  Little Marla Wicks timed her arrival perfectly, waiting to make her initial appearance until school was already out of session.  Big brother Harrison is enjoying his little sister and doggie brother Grover is, too.  Although, he has to be wondering what happened to his nice, quiet household!  Congratulations to Madame and Mr. Wicks!

Mrs. Nordenson has been working remotely, though she pops in regularly to keep me on my toes and working to capacity.  Our marketing guru and web site aficionado, Mrs. Nordenson is also working out all the necessary licensing details with the state for our pre-kindergarten expansion.  It’s as fun as it sounds and she is having a blast with the all the paperwork.  

While I have seen a few teachers here and there, the teacher traffic has slowed considerably, as it usually does in July.  I will be sending out the in-service letter shortly, and the teachers will clap and cheer once it hits their inboxes. The receipt of that email at the end of July means there’s about three weeks left of the summer.  Woot woot! On that note, I hope all of our returning students have started their summer assignments!

I’ve had a few meetings with the new pastor of Most Holy Name of Jesus and Blessed Sacrament parishes, Fr. Jon Schnobrich.  Fr. Schnobrich is no stranger to BJAMS; he has spent considerable time at our school this past school year, getting to know our fabulous students and staff.  Fr. Schnobrich, and his associate Fr. Joseph Ikegbunam, will be spending Wednesdays at here, enriching the spiritual life of our special school. How lucky are we?!

As for me, my summer has been great.  I decided to change around my office after TWELVE YEARS.  Why, you may or may not wonder? Well, the space was closing in on me and I needed to do a significant purge to get rid of a lot of unnecessary, miscellaneous items. So  I thought: Hey, why not move some stuff around, while I’m at it?  I enlisted my 17-year-old son, Liam, and he was eager to get out of bed before noon to travel to Morrisville. He patiently waited while I made up and changed my mind multiple times about where I wanted the fire-proof filing cabinets.  Those are heavy! The tires on the school dolly nearly went flat while we maneuvered those babies around. Shhh…don’t tell Mr. Earle. Anyway, I am so happy with the finished result and Liam was happy to head back home and vowed never to help me move anything again.  

Other than that, I have been plugging away at my summer to-do list and I am making pretty significant strides.  I miss the wiggly teeth, birthday cupcakes, and overall energy of the school when students are in it. However, I will spend the next few weeks gearing up for another great year.  I am so excited to see what 2019-2020 will bring!  Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and as always, my door is always open (well, Monday through Thursday in the summer) and my inbox is always accepting questions and comments.  I look forward to seeing you all on August 26! Don’t forget: the uniform swap is and spirit sale pick up is August 12 from 3 pm – 5 pm here at the school and if you have not submitted your re-enrollment through Ren Web, you better get on it or you’ll be getting a love note from the main office.  See you soon!