Thank you, Veterans

blog post by Mrs. Regina Shinners

“Thank you”, is a phrase that is often a rote response to when someone does something for you whether it be holding the door open for you or helping you pick up your dropped books.  Saying thank you, for some, has become so repetitive that the meaning of the statement is lost.  


However, today of all days “Thank you” means more.  Veteran’s day, November 11th, was first observed as Armistice day, the end of World War I.  Yet, in 1954 Armistice Day was changed to Veteran’s Day which honors all American veterans of all wars.  Today, thank you takes on a deeper meaning and I have to wonder; is thank you even enough?  


How do you thank someone who has risked their life to protect the freedoms that we all enjoy and often take for granted.  At BJAMS the 6th-8th graders participate in the VFW’s annual essay contest, The Patriot’s Pen, every fall.  After the essays have been submitted members of the VFW and the Ladies Auxiliary come to the school not only to announce the contest winners but to be honored for their personal sacrifice. The entire BJAMS community opens their arms to honor those who have served and to thank them for all they have done.  


This year BJAMS was honored to have several veterans in attendance including a WW II vet in attendance and a BJAMS alumna at school.  My hope is that the students realize what an honor it  was to have a World War II veteran at school.  An opportunity that may not happen again.  Truthfully,  it was an honor to speak with all the veterans at school today.


At the core of today’s visit my hope is that the veterans leave the school knowing that their sacrifice and hard work is appreciated.  My hope for the students today is that they will begin to understand the importance of saying thank you and the impact it can have especially when it is said with love and respect.