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COVID-19 Guidelines and Information

Bishop Marshall School is open for in-person learning 5 days a week!

Read our Reopening Guide for Parents HERE!

 In early June we established a planning committee to begin working and planning how to safely re-open schools following the Vermont Agency of Education’s safety and health guidance – A Strong and Healthy Start.   This committee is made up of teachers, parents, a board member, and administration.  Together they are tasked with creating new protocols, procedures, and guidance based upon the state’s current information and guidelines.

What do the state guidelines mean?

Secretary of Education, Dan French, has worked with a comprehensive team of educators, health care experts, and others to carefully craft guidelines to help schools open for in person learning in the fall if feasible.  These guidelines will likely evolve and change as the year progresses and CoVid-19 case numbers increase and decrease in our state.  The state has designed three phases, or steps, that they expect we will cycle through during the course of the school year.  The three steps are:

  • Step I: Schools are closed for in-person instruction.  Remote learning will occur.
  • Step II: Schools are open for in-person instruction with enhanced physical distancing measures and for children who live in the local geographic area only (within the state)
  • Step III: Schools are open for in-person instruction with distancing measures.  Attendance will be restricted to those from other Step III areas only.

At this time, the state expects to begin school at the end of August in Step II and hopefully move to Step III should all go well and case numbers continue to decline.

What does in person learning look like at BJAMS?

  • Full school day from 8am-3pm!  Drop off begins at 7:30am, our school day officially starts at 8am, and pick up of students begins at 2:50pm.
  • Students are kept in their cohorts as much as possible!  Students remain in their classrooms for all subjects including lunch. Specials such as PE, Art, and French are still incorporated.  PE is held outside, Art is held in the Art room with ample time in between classes for cleaning and sanitizing, and French is taught in the classrooms by our French instructor, Madame Wicks.
  • Teachers incorporate as much outside time as possible!  Whether it’s a 5 minute mask break before a lesson begins or conducting a history or writing lesson outside in the shade, we are trying to get outside as much as possible!
  • All faculty, staff, and students must wear masks inside the building.  Students and staff may take mask breaks outside when physically distanced appropriately.
  • Our goal is to provide as much normalcy as possible in our school day!  Our weekly Mass and assembly on Tuesdays and Fridays is streamed to classrooms via Zoom rather than gathering all together as a whole school.  School lunch and breakfast/snack are still provided and distributed to classrooms rather than served up in the cafeteria.


What will school look like when we reopen this fall?

Read our Reopening Guide for Parents HERE!


Have a question about our reopening plan?  Check out our video to see some answers to some frequently asked questions.

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