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Early Childhood Program

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Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

(Students entering into Pre-Kindergarten must turn 4 by September 30th and students entering Kindergarten must turn 5 by September 30th)

The Early Childhood Program at the Bishop Marshall School aspires to motivate, inspire, encourage and support students by providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment.  The program weaves the Catholic faith and character education into all that we do and helps children develop skills in the nine domain areas of the Vermont Early Learning Standards.  Our goal is to help nurture the whole child – body, mind and spirit, and to build a foundation for lifelong learning. Our program helps prepare children for success not only in school but in life.

The early childhood program places a great emphasis on communication with parents to foster open dialogue and to keep parents informed. Parent/ teacher conferencing is held twice per year, in the late fall and early spring.  Observations and assessments, along with any concerns and samples of student work are discussed at these conferences. However, conferences are not limited to this scheduled time. Teachers and parents can request a conference at any time and teachers are always available via phone, email or in-person anytime a parent or guardian wants to discuss something or has questions/concerns. Conferences and open communication are instrumental in building positive relationships between parents and teachers and we foster this in our program.

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The early childhood program supports the school’s beliefs about teaching and learning.  The program helps to nurture children socially, emotionally, cognitively, and helps them to be successful in school by providing a structured learning environment. There is a rhythm to the day with careful attention given to time allocation and balance in the schedule between academic work and other areas of development th at are equally important to a young child’s healthy development. The program has continuity from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten and has clearly defined developmental milestones and benchmarks that we strive to achieve with each student by the end of the academic year.

Our early childhood program ensures that students are fully prepared to enter elementary school.  This program includes studies in science, math, literacy, writing, social studies, foreign language (French) and Catholic faith religion.  Other curricular activities include classes in physical education, music (vocal and instrumental) and art. In accordance with the Vermont Early Learning Standards, our curriculum also includes social and emotional development components.  Both the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs utilize Saxon academic curriculum to provide consistency across the two years and beyond into first grade. This continuity in curriculum helps to ensure long-term student success.

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