Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and at the time took for granted the majesty of that area. I feel energized by water, nature, the stars and anything God has a hand in 🙂 For these reasons, I am so happy to live close to my roots and continually visit to soak in it’s beauty. 

All I had ever really felt drawn to as a child, was becoming a mother. I have always enjoyed time with children as well as the older, wiser population. When I started at UVM (where I earned my degree in English Literature), I was uncertain of a career path for myself. So I entered school undeclared and then tried a few majors, eventually taking a leave of absence to nanny for a family in Connecticut and take time to consider life. 

My greatest work in progress and, I hope, my legacy, will be my children. I was blessed to marry a kind, gentle man, who supported our family while I stayed home to nurture our children. As our children grew and entered elementary school, I followed them. I volunteered at their school, and eventually became an employee.  I moved from supporting students in classrooms to reading intervention with small groups from kindergarten to sixth grade. 

Our youngest child became a student at Bishop Marshall School in 2017 as a fourth grader. It was by far, the best decision we made for him. I instantaneously sensed the solid community and loving energy Bishop Marshall exudes on that memorable day I first brought Noah. Immediately, a knowing swept over me  – ‘This is what school should feel like’’

My wish is to serve as a support for young children while they navigate their world and lean into self discovery. After gifting me with their time, I pray children will feel empowered to develop their own understandings and  feel confident in their unique and individual abilities to absorb knowledge and ponder all that is. 

I thank you, families of children who are entrusted to Bishop Marshall School and to my charge as their Kindergarten teacher. I feel honored to embark on this journey as you privilege me with the chance to encourage your child to flourish in the understanding of who they are and what they are capable of.