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Our lower-school students are little treasures, and we seek to honor the families who have entrusted them to our care. Your child will spend his or her day surrounded by a loving and devoted staff in a caring and academically challenging environment. Frequent communication between faculty members / school and home is vital at this stage, and we are dedicated to this practice. All our students love coming to school. Our staff strives to exemplify our core beliefs of kindness to self and others, 
consequences for actions, and responsibility for choices so that our children will see them in action and incorporate them into their daily routine.

See for yourself: our emphasis is not only on academic excellence but on morals, kindness, and manners. The results are students who hold doors open for adults and peers, who greet adults with an enthusiastic, “Good Morning, Mrs. Smith!” a
nd who look adults in the eye when addressing them. We see the results of this atmosphere not only in superior marks on the report cards but permeating into the student’s character, creating increased confidence, joy, and love of the learning process.


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Each student is encouraged to actively participate in lessons. We work to create a spirit in which all children feel accepted, respected, and confident in sharing their views, ideas, and opinions. Our teachers are so unique and dedicated to each child that you will often see older children stopping in to say hello or to give a hug to a previous year’s teacher. A variety of assessment tools are used not only to evaluate a student’s mastery of essential content and skills but the child as a whole. In the lower school, teachers administer conventional quizzes and tests in the classroom throughout the year and prepare students to take the Stanford Achievement Test 10 (SAT 10).