“If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing!”

Blog post by: Mrs. Nordenson

Change.  Change is hard.  Personally, I’m not a fan of change.  I like things that are routine, things that are predictable, but yet, I understand that change is necessary and change is good.  Recently, as many of you who faithfully read these blogs know, I’ve accepted a new position at the school and I’m staring right in the face of Change.  Sometimes it’s been scary, it’s been hard and challenging, but it’s been fun too.   

This time of year brings many changes for our kids.  All of them are faced with having to walk into a brand new classroom or maybe even a new school very soon.  Some of our kids are probably very excited about this, others might be very nervous and anxious.  But they are all going to have to take that plunge no matter what.  As a parent, that can sometimes be hard to watch.  We have a natural instinct to protect them and keep them safe.  Yet we know that our kids must face these changes and challenges in order to grow.  

As a teacher for many years, I’ve heard from the parents of the kids who were nervous to change classrooms or schools.  Many shared with me how their kid loved their previous teacher (‘cause who doesn’t love Mrs. S?) and they were scared to move on (Mrs. Nordenson is so strict!).  The unknown is always scary.  So I thought of a few tips that maybe might ease a few anxieties in the coming days as your child gets ready for the new and exciting changes ahead.

  1. Focus on the positive!   Talk about what your child is excited about or looking forward to in their new classroom.  What is something positive?  
  2. Give information.  Let them know how different routines might work, who they might sit with at lunch, when they have PE or Art.  If you don’t know some of this information, reach out to your child’s teacher and ask.  Most teachers have an info letter on the school’s website that might answer some questions and both the Lower School and Upper School specials schedules are posted online.  
  3. Remind them how they well they have handled other tough situations.  Remind them how scared they were last year upon entering school but by the end they didn’t want to leave.  
  4. Kids thrive on routine.  Create a routine with your child before school starts so they know what time will they get up, what time they will leave for school, when/what they will pack for lunch, who will pick them up and when.  All of these things and more can leave a child feeling anxious when they don’t know the answers.
  5. Be patient.  Think about when you’ve had a new situation.  It was tough at first, but then it got better.  It’ll probably be the same for your kiddo.  The first morning might be tough, but I bet it’ll get easier once everyone gets adjusted!

We all need change, but it’s how we adapt to it that makes us successful during life’s transitions.  As I was recently griping about how I didn’t like all these new changes I’ve been faced with in my new position, a friend said, “If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.”  That has stuck with me ever since she said it and I’ve thought about it a lot.  She’s right.  We grow when we are faced with change and challenges and our kids will be stronger too.