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BJAMS Visit Day

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017  —  RSVP by Nov. 6

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Is your child’s current school not making the grade?  Are you looking for a back to basics education built on a foundation and culture of tradition, respect, and love?   Then come feel the difference at Bishop Marshall School.

If your family is ready for new results this year, consider trying a new approach. BJAMS Visit Day is a chance for students and families of all faiths to test-drive Bishop Marshall School and have something real to base a decision on.Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.11.23 PM

At Bishop Marshall School, we believe children should be educated in an environment where they feel safe and loved by staff, where they will be held accountable and challenged to build character, and where they will learn the tools to be academically successful, while nurturing their interests and strengths.

The way we achieve this is with a unique school culture. It takes the right teachers who partner with actively involved parents, an environment of respect among students and orderly classroom behavior, and a tradition of service to those in need. It also takes a competitive sports program, strong arts, and cutting-edge technology.

Would you invest in a new car without going on a test-drive? Come test-drive Bishop Marshall School and see why this investment will appreciate every year.

Families of all faiths attend BJAMS and generous tuition assistance packages are available; if you want to attend, we will work with you to make it possible. Meet the staff and discover the educational opportunities for your pre-K to eighth grade student at BJAMS Visit Day.

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What to wear –

BJAMS Visit Day at Bishop Marshall SchoolWe understand that a uniform is not likely part of your student’s current daily attire at school and so the uniform is looser for visitors. We ask that students dress comfortably and conservatively in the spirit of a school uniform.  Please also dress accordingly for the fall weather.  For Pre-Kindergarten visitors, please bring a change of clothes (just in case), boots and a jacket (we will go outside for morning recess).

Snack and lunch –

As a special guest at Bishop Marshall School, we invite students visiting Kindergarten through 8th grade to enjoy a delicious snack and lunch on us!  Students visiting Pre-Kindergarten should bring a snack from home as that class does not go to the cafeteria to purchase snack but stays in the classroom.  The kitchen at BJAMS is nut-free and shellfish-free; snack and lunches are safe for those two allergies.   If your student has a nut or shellfish allergy and prefers to bring lunch, we have nut-safe and shellfish-safe tables at which they may sit and teachers will ensure that the lunch boxes are safe to have at those tables.

Medical considerations –

Our goal is to keep children safe. Information regarding any medical considerations we should be aware of (allergies, asthma, etc.) as well as emergency contact info will be collected on the reservation form below.  If your student has medical considerations, please also notify the front desk upon arrival.

What will the day be like?

  • Info packets will be provided to visiting parents at morning drop-off or afternoon pickup.
  • Student greeters will show visiting parents and students to their classroom.  For grades 5 through 8, the homeroom teacher will introduce the guest student to their Student Ambassador for the day, who will stay with them and be their partner throughout the school day.
  • Parents are highly encouraged to stay for a school tour and Q&A (8:05 – 9:00am) immediately after drop-off.
  • Visiting students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will stay for a half-day and parents will need to pick them up at 11:50.  Since teachers for these grades will have a classroom full of students to stay with for the second half of the day as well as post-dismissal responsibilities, parents will not be able to touch base with the teachers.  Instead, we invite you to call Maryellen Kohl or Jennifer Nordenson at 802-888-4758 or schedule a time to have a follow-up discussion or ask specific questions.
  • Visiting students in grades 5 through 8 will be given a schedule for the day with a place to keep notes.
  • Once back in the classroom, teachers and students will introduce themselves to guest students, then run the day as normal.
  • There will be a free snack and hot lunch for visitors or students can bring a bagged lunch (does not need to be nut-safe or shellfish-safe). If your student has an allergy, please notify the front desk upon arrival.
  • All 1st-8th grade parents must pick up their child during afternoon pickup. Dismissal is at 3:00pm.

BJAMS Visit DayReserve your seat –

Due to current class sizes, we have the following spaces available for guest visits at BJAMS Visit Day:

  • Pre-K:  1 space available (this is a half day and children must be picked up at 11:50).
  • Kindergarten:  2 spaces available (this is a half day and children must be picked up at 11:50).
  • 1st – 5th Grade:  3 spaces available per classroom.
  • 6th Grade:  No spaces available – classroom is full (contact us to learn about the waiting list).
  • 7th – 8th Grade:  4 spaces available per classroom.

To reserve your student’s space, please fill out the registration form below or call the school. You will receive a follow-up email/phone call to confirm your child’s space or let you know if the classroom is full.

The admissions process at Bishop Marshall School includes a screening of each student.  To prevent the need for scheduling a second visit for the screening in the event a family wishes to apply to admissions, students will take a few screening tests at some point during the day but there is nothing he/she needs to do in advance to prepare.

If your child has recently been sick (either fever above 100 degrees or throwing up within 24 hours of BJAMS Visit Day), please contact Jennifer Nordenson (jnordenson@bjams.org) to see about scheduling another time.

If you have any questions about BJAMS Visit Day, please feel free to contact us or call the school (802-888-4758), otherwise…

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