A Private Vermont Catholic School


As a private Catholic school in Morrisville, Vermont, BJAMS educates children of all faiths in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. BJAMS believes students need to feel safe and loved, should be challenged to build character, and can learn tools to be academically successful.

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Is BJAMS the right fit for your family?  Take the next step to find out.  If you have spent some time looking through the website, request an info packet and we will send you a folder with details and materials.

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Meet the Head of School

Join our video Q&A session with Mrs. Carrie Wilson, Bishop Marshall's Head of School and learn from the source about what makes our school unique.

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Campus and Facilities

Our wonderful facilities are situated on 50+ scenic acres in the heart of Lamoille County with direct access to route 100.

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hp-icon-athletics-colorFrom PE class to Eagles Soccer and from cross-country skiing to GOTR, exercise and play time are vital to what we do.

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Community Service

hp-icon-community-colorService to others is core to who we are.  On average, BJAMS students complete over 700 hours of community service each year.

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Parent Involvement

hp-icon-parent-colorWe believe parents are the first and best educators and welcome parents who want to be involved in their child's school community.

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  • Family Perspectives…

    School is much more than numbers and letters.  Elementary school, especially, is a special time of emotional, social and ethical development, and we find our family values supported at Bishop Marshall. Grace’s lessons at school focus on love, peace, and respecting self and others.  Call it what you will – the Catholic ingredient perhaps.  For our family, it is basic and human:  be kind, be gracious, be generous and enjoy life.

    — Ira and Katie Marvin

    Hyde Park

    When Livia finished sixth grade in public school, we were determined to find her a place where she could be met where she is. Her experience there was inadequate. Her need for more stimulation and creativity were forced into a “disability” viewpoint. The best thing we did was take BJAMS up on the offer of having Livia shadow a student for a day, just to check it out. With fingers crossed we dropped her off. She was so welcomed and involved that when we picked her up “it had been the best day since kindergarten.” She now had a real experience to base a decision on, rather than what she had heard. From there we enrolled her in seventh grade. The result? She loves it!

    — Tim and LIsa Kent

    Hyde Park