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After School Program

The Bishop Marshall School After School Program (ASP) is available to all students in grades K-8 from 3:15-5:15.  The ASP operates Monday through Friday while school is in session (care is not available on half days, vacation days, or inservice days).    The goal is to provide care after school and to allow your child to choose and participate in safe, structured activities that they will enjoy.  Any student remaining at after 3:15 must be supervised by an adult.

Register your child for the BJAMS After School Program!   Click here!

During the After School Program your child will be offered a variety of different activities to choose from that will vary based upon the day and weather.  Upon check-in, children will have time to enjoy snack before deciding their next activity.  A quiet space for homework is provided for those children who would like to complete homework or read a book.  Staff may also take children outside to play on the playground, basketball courts, or soccer fields.  There are also arts and crafts, games, puzzles, or daily enrichment activities to choose from.

The cost of the After School Program is $5.00/hour per child.  Any student remaining at 3:15 is brought to the After School Program, signed in, and the hourly rate is incurred.    Please note that there is no multi-child discount for ASP attendees. The program ends promptly at 5:15pm – no exceptions!  Parents retrieving their child(ren) after 5:15pm will be charged $25 in fifteen-minute increments, meaning that for every 15 minutes you are late, $25 will be added to your ASP bill.  ASP will utilize the electronic billing system.  Attendance will be tracked manually with a sign-in/sign-out sheet and electronically.  ASP staff will sign your child in and you are responsible for signing your child out at pick up.

Snacks will be available at an additional cost.  Snack options will be similar to the snack options available at snack time in the school cafeteria.  Students are welcome to bring their own snacks to the program, but we ask that these snacks be “peanut and tree-nut safe”.

All families who will have children attending the After School Program must register in advance.  Not only is this part of state regulations, but it will help our ASP staff with planning of activities.  We ask that all families sign up using the registration form at the bottom of this page at least one week in advance of needing care.  If a family will need consistent and regular care throughout the year, then one registration form at the beginning of the year will suffice.  If your child will be attending on an inconsistent basis, then we ask that you fill out a registration form at least one week in advance of the date(s) you will need care.   Drop-ins will only be allowed if space, staffing, and student capacity has not been maximized.  We ask that anyone in need of drop in care, contact the school at the earliest convenience to let us know that you will be unable to pick up your child by 3:15.   Drop-ins will still be charged the hourly rate regardless of pick-up time.

During the After School Program, all school rules and policies apply.  For more information, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.

Mrs. Michelle Tomlinson and Mr. Mark Stein are our After School Program Co-Directors.  They may be reached at aspinfo@bjams.org if you have questions about our After School Program.

If you need to reach your child or a member of the ASP staff during ASP hours, please call the school at 802 888 4758 and follow the prompts.

Please be sure to read the After School Program Parent Handbook for more information