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Annual Fund

BJAMS Annual FundThe Annual Fund is the cornerstone of giving to Bishop Marshall School and its goal is to help keep a BJAMS education affordable and possible. It is made up of annual gifts from alumni, parents, parents of alumni, board members, faculty and staff, grandparents, grandparents of alumni, local businesses, and friends of Bishop Marshall School.

A gift to the Annual Fund at Bishop Marshall School is an investment in our past, present and future. Gifts to BJAMS are as important today as they were 15 years ago, when the school was just being formed and started to transform the lives of its first group of students in 1998. When we support the school through the annual fund, we support student tuition assistance, faculty compensation, the arts, athletics, community service and improvements in classroom technology.

Traditionally, strong institutions have strong annual funds. We invite you to join the BJAMS Annual Fund as your gift to the school remains a tangible vote of confidence in the total school program and an investment worth a thousand percent.

Help BJAMS reach the Annual Fund goal today


Why is the Annual Fund necessary?

Tuition and auxiliary income are simply not adequate to cover the operating expenses incurred at BJAMS. The actual cost of education for each student is approximately $2,500 beyond tuition for the school year. Bishop Marshall School also distributes well over $100,000 in tuition assistance every year.

Tuition and fees cover about 70% of the cost of a school education. For every $1 needed to run the school, $0.70 comes from tuition. The Annual Fund helps make up the other 30%, bridging the gap between tuition and operating costs.

Giving Societies

Giving societies offer a way for all constituents to feel a sense of affinity with BJAMS as members of a particular society. Each donation, large or small, makes a difference in our ability to reach our goal.


  • Burgundy and Gold Club – This is a body of very important supporters who are loyal friends of Bishop Marshall School and help to advance the mission of this institution with gifts up to $99
  • Eagle Club – To help continue the academic excellence and moral character development of BJAMS students, Eagle Club donors are acknowledged for gifts between $100 and $249.
  • Benefactor Club – The Benefactor Club recognizes support of the programs and activities of Bishop Marshall School with gifts of $250 to $499.
  • Bishop Marshall School Society – Members of the Bishop Marshall School Society wish to recognize the generosity of donors for gifts from $500 to $999.
  • Leadership Society – This special breed of leadership givers enter this Society for gifts between $1,000 and $2,499, which buttress the work of Bishop Marshall School.
  • Head of School Society – These dedicated supporters are recognized in the Head of School Society as having donated between $2,500 and $4,999 during this fiscal year.
  • Trustee Society – The Trustee Circle acknowledges leadership gifts to BJAMS between $5,000 and $9,999 and the dedication and loyalty of these donors.
  • Patron Society – This Society recognizes the generosity of donors who give $10,000 and higher, which are foundational to advancing the mission of Bishop Marshall School.
BJAMS Founders Society

The BJAMS Founder Society is a group of individuals who are an intimate part of our story past, present, and future. There are three ways to join the Society:

  • BJAMS Lifetime Members – are individuals whose cumulative giving equal $20,000 or more.
    • Legacy Council:  $1,000,000 and above
    • Heritage Council:  $500,000 – $1,000,000
    • Batchelder Council:  $250,000 – $500,000
    • Angel Council:  $100,000 – $250,000
    • Champion Council:  $50,000 – $100,000
    • Lifetime Member:  $20,000 – $50,000
  • 1998 Circle Members – are individuals who have made planned or deferred gifts to BJAMS.
  • Allegiance Members – are individuals who have made gifts to BJAMS for 5 or more consecutive years
  • Annual Members – are individuals who have contributed annual gifts of $1,000 or more during BJAMS’ fiscal year.
What are matching gifts?

Hundreds of companies across the country will match their employees’ gifts to elementary schools.  Many companies will even match gifts at a greater than one-to-one ratio.  BJAMS has received matching gift from employees and retirees of IBM, GE, and Barclays.  If you worked for these companies or, perhaps, another large organization, your gift to BJAMS could possibly be multiplied with very little effort.

Bishop Marshall School counts company-matching funds as part of the donor gift total. Therefore, if a person makes a $250 gift and receives one-to-one matching funds, our records would record a $500 gift and therefore, the donor would become a member of the Bishop Marshall School Society rather than the Benefactor Club.