How are we staying connected to our BJAMS community?

Ms. Greene reads a story to her class on Google Hangout.

It is important during this time of school dismissal that we maintain our connection with students, faculty, and families.  It is our unique culture that sets us apart from other schools and it will remain strong despite the fact that we are not together on a daily basis.  Carrie Wilson, Head of School, said it best in our first digital morning assembly, “We are more than just a building. We are together, even though we are apart.  It just looks a little different.”  It is true.  Mrs. Gentle is still preparing meals for those students in our community who need one,  Mrs. Wright is still singing to us, Fr. Schnobrich is still praying with us, and Mr. Bu is still holding PE classes – it all just looks a little different.

We are trying our very best each day to maintain our solid connection with our community through utilizing social media, YouTube videos, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Google Classroom.   Here are just a few links and pictures to show you:

We traditionally have morning assembly every Tuesday and Friday.  Even though we can’t be together physically, we found a good way to still carry on.  Here is our first digital assembly using Zoom:

Mr. Buczek is still coaching us:

Mrs. Wright is still singing to us:

Fr. Schnobrich is still praying with us:

And because Mrs. Nordenson can’t greet you at the door each day, she reads to us:

And our teachers continue to be exactly who they always are: dedicated, passionate, and amazing.

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